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  1. Asa Metal & Plastic Mfy
    Superluck Ind Centre, Tsuen Wan
    East Sun Ind Centre, Kwun Tong
  3. Auto Electric Wire & Cable Mfy Ltd
    Tung Chun Ind Bldg, Kwai Chung
  4. Bigstar Investment Ltd
    21 Hung To Rd, Kwun Tong
  5. Brilliant Century Trdg Ltd
    Ritz Bldg, Mong Kok
  6. Cable Hse
    Prosperity Bldg, Mong Kok
  7. Cableplus Ind Co Ltd
    Yue Cheung Centre, Sha Tin
  8. Canare Elec Co (HK) Ltd
    Two Chinachem Exch Sq, North Point
  9. Celeraise Investments Ltd
    Goldfield Ind Centre, Sha Tin
  10. Centimax Ltd
    Vanta Ind Centre, Kwai Chung
  11. Chan Wai Leung
    Tak Bo Bldg, Mong Kok
  12. Channy Industries Ltd
    Superluck Industrial Centre, Tsuen Wan
  13. Chi Shing Co
    Yue Cheung Centre, Sha Tin
  14. Chi Tat Elec Wire Co
    Wah Tai Ind Bldg, Tuen Mun
  15. Chow's Technology Ltd
    King Win Fty Bldg, Kwun Tong
  16. Chuen Lee Technologies Ltd
    Wah Shing Centre, Kwun Tong
  17. Coulomb Electronics Ltd
    Hope Sea Ind Centre, Kowloon Bay
  18. Crowntech Wire Ltd
    475 Castle Peak Rd, Cheung Sha Wan
  19. Denso Kogyo (HK) Ltd
    Wah Lok Ind Centre, Sha Tin
  20. Everwin Wire Fty
    Goldfield Ind Centre, Sha Tin
  21. Expert Max Ltd
    Sterling Centre, Cheung Sha Wan
  22. Feng Tai Electronic (HK) Devlpmnt Co
    Westin Centre, Kwun Tong
  23. Fertile Elec Wire Mfy
    Kingsway Ind Bldg, Kwai Chung
  24. First Mall Co Ltd
    Hing Wah Coml Bldg, Mong Kok
  25. Fortuen Lane Technology Ltd
    Tsuen Kam Centre, Tsuen Wan
  26. Furas Asia Ltd
    Shing Yip Ind Bldg, Kwun Tong
  27. Gold Mark Technology Ltd
    Unimix Ind Centre, San Po Kong
  28. Golden HK Co Ltd The
    Fook Sing Bldg, Shau Kei Wan
  29. H L J Y Ind Ltd
    Harbour Centre, Hung Hom
  30. H R Silvine CMC Co Ltd
    17 Wang Chiu Rd, Kowloon Bay
  31. Hall King Internatl Ltd
    Kingsford Ind Centre, Kowloon Bay
  32. Hang Cheong Electrical Supplies Ltd
    Valiant Ind Centre, Sha Tin
  33. Hang Fung Elec Wire Fty Ltd
    Shield Ind Centre, Tsuen Wan
  34. Hang Lee Mfy
    Hang Wai Ind Centre, Tuen Mun
  35. Hang Tung Elec Wire Mfy
    Wing Fung Ind Bldg, Tsuen Wan
  36. Harvest Electric Fty
    Hewlett Centre, Kwun Tong
  37. Herwell Asia Ltd
    New City Centre, Kwun Tong
  38. Hing Shing Electrical Metal Products Co
    Tsuen Tung Fty Bldg, Tsuen Wan
  39. Hip Hing Cable & Plus Mfy Ltd
    High Win Fty Bldg, Kwun Tong
  40. Hitachi Shin Din Cable Ltd
    Dragon Ind Bldg, Cheung Sha Wan
  41. HK Kosei Electric Ltd
    Lemmi Centre, Kwun Tong
  42. HK Wiring Systems Ltd
    CDW Bldg, Tsuen Wan
  43. Hong Shing Electrical Wire & Cable Mfy
    Goodview Ind Bldg, Tuen Mun
  44. Hop Fat Elec Mfy
    Victory Fty Bldg, Wong Chuk Hang
  45. Hop Hing Wire Mfg Co
    Wah Lok Ind Centre, Sha Tin
  46. Hunsonburg Enterprises Co Ltd
    V Heun Bldg, Sheung Wan
  47. Hwa Son Ind Co
    Shui Sum Ind Bldg, Kwai Chung
  48. Jenley Enterprises Ltd
    Kwun Tong Ind Centre, Kwun Tong
  49. Jetson Co Ltd
    Technology Plaza, Tsuen Wan
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